Pitt Meadows

Located next to the Fraser River, a mere 45 minute drive east of downtown Vancouver. With a land area of 85.38 sq km and a population of 18,573 (as of 2016) Pitt Meadows offers a blend of authentic rural activities as well as urban amenities.

Go Bird watching, cycling, fishing, horseback riding or Golfing in the numerous park areas. Explore the rich past of Pitt Meadows at local heritage sites or private Airport. Celebrate with the locals at festivals and events. From art galleries to boutique shopping and even to skydiving there’s something for everyone! Not only is Pitt Meadows home to your favourite Realtor Jade, but it’s also home to the Foamer’s Folly craft brewery, Honey Land Canada and Blu Heron Winery.

Elementary Schools

Pitt Meadows Elementary

Highland Park Elementary

Davie Jones Elementary

High School

Pitt Meadows Secondary School



Pitt Meadows Athletic Park
North Bonson Park
Pitt River Regional Greenway
Shoreline Park
Pitt Meadows Spirit Square
Bonson Park
Harris Road Park
Harris Landing & Shoreline Park
Advent Park
Shinglebolt Park
Roundabout Park
Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve