What you need to know about downsizing.

For many homeowners, a time will come when your current home is just too big.  Children grow up and move away, and parents are left with a home that is just too large.  When a home becomes too much to deal with it is best to downsize.  Most people are unaware of how much work it takes to make this happen.  Below are a few tips on what you need to know about downsizing before you begin.


Compare the space you have, to the space you will have.

A great tip is to get a copy of the floor plan of your new space and compare it to the rooms you have to the ones you will have.  For example if your new living room is the same size as your current bedroom, try and visualize your sofas in there – if they won`t fit you may have to give one away or invest in a smaller set.

You don’t have to get rid of everything.

Downsizing and minimalizing are about getting down to the basics of what you actually need.  Keep items that are meaningful and unique like that precious statue that has been hand made by a loved one, the painting you painted in tenth grade.  Instead, get rid of the fake flowers and the coaster sets you have accumulated over the years.

Pick one area to work on at a time.

Instead of doing a little bit here and a little there, you will notice your hard work if you focus on one specific area at a time.  Maybe you start in your closet and get rid of clothes you haven`t worn in the last year, or clothes that no longer fit you, or that our no longer your style.  Throw out socks without a match, or ones that have holes, worn out shoes, old hats and gloves.  You can fill a box or a bag a day to either throw out, sell, or donate.

Digitalize whatever you can.

CD`s, DVD`s, cassettes, home videos, pictures, and important documents can all be digitized and saved either to the cloud, or a computer hard drive to free up some important space.  While you will need to keep hard copies of important personal documents such as passports and birth certificates, all other personal and financial papers can be scanned and saved.  You will be surprised as to how much space is actually needed for all of these items.

You don’t have to throw everything out.

Decluttering doesn`t mean it all must go to the landfill.  You may as well try and make some money back from all the hard earned dollars you spent on these items over the years.  Once you have decided what you want to keep, and not keep have a yard sale or sell items online. Like they say “One mans junk is another mans treasure“.  Once you have the money in hand it will make getting rid of all that stuff a little easier to swallow.  Once you have sold all you can, donate whatever is left to a homeless shelter or your local goodwill.


Just remember it will seem harder than it is.  Just take it step by step and room by room, and you will get there.  Think of it as exercise – It isn`t always pleasant while doing it, but leaves you with a much lighter feeling afterwards.  Good luck and happy downsizing.