Selling Your Home In a Crowded Market

When you’re about to sell your home, it may be disheartening to see so many other properties for sale in your neighbourhood. After the intense Seller’s market we have been dealing with for the past year, you may be thinking “That’s a lot of competition! How will our property get noticed?”

Fortunately, there are many proven strategies for standing out in a sea of For Sale signs.

First of all, choosing the right team of REALTORS is crucial. With the number of agents out there, there are several very important things to look for in a REALTOR. Look for someone who is full-time, professional, has a proven track record that can be backed up with testimonials and sales statistics. Most important is to find someone who you can get along with and who treats you like a person rather than a transaction. A REALTOR who cares makes a big difference.

Second, remember that when there are other properties for sale on your street, curb appeal becomes even more important. There are many simple things you can do to make your property look great to those driving around looking at homes. Make sure your property looks as picture perfect as possible.

In a competitive market, it’s also more important than ever to highlight features of your home that are unique and enticing. If, for example, you have a large backyard deck and brand new hardwood flooring, make sure these are mentioned prominently on the feature sheet.

Finally, be as flexible as you can be when scheduling viewings and open houses. Don’t forget that other listed properties in your neighbourhood draw in buyers, who may notice your home. It’s not uncommon for a buyer to view a property and then scout the neighbourhood. Many buyers and their agents will also schedule a number of showings in sequence on a given day, so being flexible in order to fit into that schedule is essential. You want buyers to be able to see your home on short notice and at a convenient time for them. After all, when you turn around a buy a home won’t you want the same flexibility? If there are several other nearby properties for sale, it means things are hot from a real estate point of view. You want to roll out the red carpet to buyers.

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